More journalists leave Las Vegas Review-Journal

“After Adelson and his family bought the Review-Journal late last year in a secret transaction, the journalists in the paper’s newsroom turned their investigative reporting skills inward. NPR’s media correspondent David Folkenflik said the deal was ‘initially intended to keep the new owners’ identity secret from the public and the newsroom itself.'”

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From 2008: A Newspaper Can’t Love You Back

But the other day, I saw a column of black smoke due east of I-95 just above Eastern Avenue — dark and thick enough that I drove there. It was a roadside car fire, no injuries. Nothing worth a call to the desk. Good thing, too, because Spry is long dead, and Ettlin retired last year. Who I was gonna call it in to, I have no clue.

— David Simon in his essay, “A Newspaper Can’t Love You Back”
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